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Appearance & Storage

Like Aladhaeris, this substance starts with two inert parts, one clear and one bilous green. When mixed, they immediately become a bilous, yellow-green acid that can corrode any material.


1 ounce of Alkahest does 1d corrosive damage to any material, regardless of DR, including that which specifically protects against corrosion damage. No spell or enchantment, and no alchemical product, material, or treatment can reduce or prevent this damage.

Alkahest will dissolve even Adamantium and Aladhaeris bonds with equal ease.


After dissolving 1 cubic foot of material (or dealing 1d damage, whichever comes first), the Alkahest is neutralized. It leaves behind 1/2 the mass of the dissolved material as Calyx.

If the binary parts of Aladhaeris are added to Alkahest during mixing, the result is an inert, mildly toxic syrup with no special properties.

The binary parts of Alkahest are not inherently magical, and are not affected by short- or long-term exposure to Low- or No-Mana Zones. If the binary components are mixed in a No-Mana Zone, Alkahest remains inert until it is exposed to mana, at which point it becomes potent normally (whether that is 10 minutes or 10,000 years later). Once mixed, if it is somehow transported (i.e., thrown) into a No Mana Zone or similar effect, it functions normally.


  • Time: 10 days
  • Batch: 8 ounces (1 pint)
  • Containment: 2, 4-ounce, sealed containers of any sort; No containment is possible once mixed
  • Ingredients: $1000 in Reagents
  • Market Price: $1000 per ounce
  • Roll(s): skill or Alchemy-6 (VH)
  • Mishap: $500 in miscellaneous damage to the Alchemist’s laboratory (and an additional amount to anything downstairs of said laboratory), due to an acid leak.


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