Twilight's Edge

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Twilight’s Edge is a young, high mountain range stretching from the glacial valleys of the northern Boreal Highlands to the extreme south, beyond even the Green Doom. It curves slightly to the east as it moves south, making the western lands almost a thousand miles wider in the lands of the Prelari and Coreans than in the far north.

The northern regions of Twilight’s Edge are home to large tribes of Arktos, who raid the foothills aggressively for slaves. The remainder, north and south, is infested with Meerin. Uros, the only known Foss surface community is an island of relative safety in what is otherwise a naturally hostile environment.

There are no mapped passes through Twilight’s Edge, as there is nothing on the other side but the Skydark Lands, which are barren beyond anything ever seen on Earth. There is nothing there of any value to anyone, and nothing to find except death of thirst or by misadventure.

Twilight's Edge

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