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Theurges must undergo the Rite of Investiture, which grants +1 level of Power Investiture each time the recipient undergoes it. The Rite, in turn, requires Religious Rank 0 and Clerical Investment. Skill with spells powered by Power Investiture may not exceed Theology (IQ-H) skill

Power Investiture is not capped at 3 levels like Magery, but its level cannot exceed a character’s Religious Rank. This is more a social restriction than a mystical one, as churches will not perform the Rite of Investiture (first, or again) until their members reach the appropriate rank.


Theurgy works a great deal like Thaumaturgy, with several important differences.

  • Power Investiture replaces Magery
    • There is no cap to the number of levels of Power Investiture a character may have other than that it may not exceed Relgious Rank.
    • Power Investiture has a “0” level, like Magery, which costs 5 points.
  • Spells cast using Theurgy are Will-H or Will-VH instead of IQ-H or IQ-VH, respectively.
  • Power Investiture + Will replaces Magery + IQ
    • Anything that modifies Will for all purposes (not limited ones like Fright Checks only) applies for purposes of spellcasting
  • The Energy Pool for spellcasting FP + (Will x Power Investiture).
  • Spells default to Theology-5 (-6 for VH), instead of Thaumatology
    • Theurgical spells can only be cast at Default by using the Ritual Magic rules from GURPS Magic.
  • Your Faith Determines Available Colleges
  • Spells still have the same prerequisites
    • Spells with impossible prerequisites will have their lists custom-modified by the GM as they crop up
    • It is possible to use the same spell skill for Theurgy and Thaumaturgy, provided you meet the requirements for both (i.e., skill no higher than the lower of Thaumatology and Theology, having Magery and Power Investiture, etc.). If all the requirements are met, you may choose which energy pool to use to power the spell. Your standard Fatigue does not double, however.


Sanctity replaces Mana as the environmental measure of available magical power for purposes of Theurgy. Most of the world is considered “Normal Sanctity”, but unlike for Sorcerers, this varies by church. Places especially sacred to Atra are neccessarily aligned with birth, life, and love… which makes them Low- or No Sanctity areas for clerics of Obiton.

  • Normal Sanctity
    • Most areas which are not especially sanctified in any particular way are of Normal Sanctity.
    • Theurgy operates normally and as described here in areas of Normal Sanctity.
  • Low Sanctity
    • Most Low Sanctity areas are those aligned against a particular deity by virtue of circumstance (i.e., prisons are low-sanctity for Viaton, god of travel and freedom). Places where few or no Kin of Man live may be Low Sanctity for any clerics of The Eight_
    • In Low Sanctity areas, all Theurgy spells are cast at -5 to skill, and spellcasting fatigue recovers half as quickly.
  • No Sanctity
    • Areas specifically concecrated to a deity opposed to one’s own are usually No Sanctity areas (for example, temple-mortuaries consecrated to Obiton are No Sanctity areas to followers of Atra).
    • Theurgy cannot operate at all, theurgical Enchantments are suspended, operating spells immediately end, and the Energy Pool based on Power Investiture (but not Fatigue with the limitation “for spellcasting only”) drains at the rate at which it recovers in Normal Sanctity
  • High Sanctity
    • Most High Sanctity areas are those aligned with the tenets of a particular deity by virtue of circumstance (i.e., roads and inns are high-sanctity areas for Viaton).
    • In High Sanctity areas, Theurgical spells can be cast at Default simply by reading them aloud, and Energy Pool FP (and Extra Fatigue with the spellcasting limitation) recover in half the time.
  • Very High Sanctity
    • Very High Sanctity areas do not normally occur except in places specifically consecrated to a particular deity.
    • In a Very High Sanctity area, spells can be cast at Default without ritual, and all Energy Pool & Extra Fatigue replenishes at the beginning of each Turn. However, ordinary failures are treated as critical failures, and critical failures add +7 to their rolls on the Critical Spell Failure Table.


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