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Sorcerers must possess some level of Magery, and have invested at least 1 point in Thaumatology (IQ-VH). A sorcerer’s skill with any given spell cannot exceed their Thaumatology score.


Sorcery in Elidh uses all standard rules given in GURPS Magic, including Spell Colleges and Prerequisites, in addition to those given here.


Spells may be cast as if they defaulted to Thaumatology-5 (-6 for Very Hard spells), but only using the Ritual Magic rules from GURPS Magic. Add a cumulative -1 for each prerequisite spell that is also known only at default level. An original, written source is required for all participants casting at default level, but only for the spell in question, not its prerequisites, even if they are known only at default level.

Energy & Fatigue

Energy for spellcasting comes from an Energy Pool, which equals FP + (IQ x Magery). Use 1/2 for Magery 0 in this case only. This Energy Pool is considered to be “Fatigue”, with the “Useable for Spellcasting Only” limitation.

While the Energy Pool technically counts as “Extra Fatigue” with the spellcasting limitation mentioned above, sorcerers should ignore it when calculating their limit for purchasing Extra Fatigue. Remember that you can have both types of Extra Fatigue (outside the Energy Pool), but they must both add up to less than 30% above HT.

Fatigue with the spellcasting limitation does not count for purposes of injury or remaining conscious. Fatigue without the spellcasting limitation is always restored first, but all types of Fatigue, including the Energy Pool, are restored by rest (and augmented by the Recover Energy spell).

Available Colleges

  • The following colleges are generally considered “Eldritch”; few non-Warlocks know much of the magic they contain. Sorcerers should ask the GM’s permission before seeking out or learning spells from these Colleges. All other colleges are allowed except:
    • Body Control (except those which can only apply to the caster)
    • Gate
    • Mind Control
    • Necromancy
  • Spells which belong to an allowed college in addition to one of the above, may be sought out or learned without GM permission.
  • In addition, only the Machine Spells subcollege of the Technology college is available at TL3 (and even then, probably only used by outcast Foss warlocks, anyway).

Mana Levels

  • Normal Mana
    • The default level for most areas. Magic works as described in GURPS Magic
  • Low Mana
    • Occurs in small areas around Mana Sinks (points equidistant from all nearby Ley Lines). All spell rolls are at -5, and Fatigue with the spellcasting limitation takes twice as long to recover.
  • No Mana
    • Occurs at rare sites and in very small areas (often 1 Hex or smaller) in the center of Mana Sinks. Spells cannot be cast, active spells are suppressed, including item enchantments, and Fatigue with the spellcasting limitation drains away at the rate at which it recovers in a Normal Mana zone, and does not recover until the sorcerer enters an area with a higher mana level.
  • High Mana
    • Occurs in small areas around Nexi (points where Ley Lines converge). Magery is no longer required to cast spells, and Fatigue with the spellcasting limitation recovers in half the normal time.
  • Very High Mana
    • Occurs in very small areas in the center of Nexi, and in certain rare locations. All Fatigue with the spellcasting limitation recovers at the start of each person’s turn. All ordinary skill roll failures are treated as critical failures, and actual critical failures either use the Black Critical Table from GURPS Magic or have +5 added to their rolls on the standard Critical Spell Failure Table (GM’s choice).


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