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Church Role & Dogma

Alastin’s followers exist in an uneasy truce with those of Ustiel. While the Teacher is goddess of knowledge itself, its discovery and its application, the Teller is god of the preservation, transferrence, and presentation of all knowledge and truth… as well as falsehood, and the distinction between the two.

As such, temples of Alastin wage a quiet, little war with the temples of Ustiel for many books. Though the latter are not interested in true fiction, dramatized accounts of historical events of importance are often sought after by both churches. As patron of the arts, many temples of Alastin also function as art galleries and theatres. To followers of Alastin, the manner in which a story is told is just as important, if not more so, than the exact details thereof. A certain amount of embellishment, for dramatic purposes, is fully expected. “Historical accuracy” is considered to be less important than preserving the “spirit” of events.

Therefore, Alastin’s civic libraries are more accessible to the public, but also smaller and of less scholarly interest than those of Ustiel.

Symbolism & Temples

There are few purpose-built temples of Alastin, but almost every significant library, theatre, or public work of art (public gardens, statuary & monuments, art galleries, etc.) is designed with this theology in mind and is used for regular services by his clergy. Such services are usually held before noon in theatre-temples, and in the evening in library-temples. Rich furnishings in shades of burgundy are favored, and Alastin’s symbol, the Quill, is used generously.

Discipline of Faith [-5]

  1. Knowledge Is Power
    • Amass as much of it as possible, against the day in which it might be needed
  2. Preserve All Knowledge, Art, and Records
    • Even at the cost of your own life…
  3. Pass On Your Knowledge, Skills, & Experience to Those Who Need It
    • Sometimes, this is as simple as “those who’ve paid for it”, but not always…
  4. Value the Spirit of the Tale, Not the Words
    • It’s more important that histories and legends inspire greatness, than that they be accurate…

Available Colleges

  • Communication
  • Enchantment
  • Holy
  • Illusion (not Creation)
  • Knowledge
  • Light and Darkness
  • Sound


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