Eldritch Dreams

Part II, Session 1

The Road to Crowsford

With blessings and gifts from the grateful people of Furstdam, our heroes have struck out to the West along the Northern Hill Road, with an eye to reaching the southern border of The Verdance before winter’s deep snows arrive.

After a brief interlude with a hungry Etchin, the walls of a wayshrine offered up a note with Alchemy references that used an obtuse combination of Low Oran and Ancient Phaetian to imply that the author (presumably one Duar Welks) had gone home, or to “The Source”... whatever that means.

Gerk has put 8 hours in on his second repeating crossbow project, while Daggard has labored a like amount of time on his Fogsticks.

Unfortunately, someone has other plans… and they’re not pretty.

The walking dead have taken or eaten nearly the entire populations of two towns along the road, Bycreek and Crowsford. Crowsford appears to have suffered greater depredation, and to have been infested longer. There the party confronted a dead man believed to be the necromancer behind this assault, a nameless, regenerating corpse who demonstrated both contempt and fear of the party as well as some control over the dead and an unnerving control over his own flesh and bones…

The ruins of the Crowsford Mayor’s office, as well as circumstantial evidence, point to further undead activity north of town, in what is marked on the party’s map as moderately forested, empty hills.

As dawn breaks over the smouldering ruins of Crowsford, the party finds no further evidence of active Revenants, but the approximately two-dozen carcasses left from the previous night’s battle in no way begin to account for the amount of destruction they’ve seen so far.

Several questions remain:

  • Who is the talking dead man working for?
  • What are the extent of his mysterious powers? Can he be killed?
  • Who is the Urian boy the party rescued, and is his presence related to this disaster?
  • What has been eating the animals and people, if not the Revenants, as lore would have it?
  • What’s going on in the hills to the North?
  • How far have the undead spread, and will they continue to do so?
  • How long can the party spend investigating this tragedy, before being snowed in by winter?


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