Eldritch Dreams

Part II, Session 1
The Road to Crowsford

With blessings and gifts from the grateful people of Furstdam, our heroes have struck out to the West along the Northern Hill Road, with an eye to reaching the southern border of The Verdance before winter’s deep snows arrive.

After a brief interlude with a hungry Etchin, the walls of a wayshrine offered up a note with Alchemy references that used an obtuse combination of Low Oran and Ancient Phaetian to imply that the author (presumably one Duar Welks) had gone home, or to “The Source”... whatever that means.

Gerk has put 8 hours in on his second repeating crossbow project, while Daggard has labored a like amount of time on his Fogsticks.

Unfortunately, someone has other plans… and they’re not pretty.

Part II Introduction
Preparing for the Road

Last Sagesday was a very long day indeed. The party battled non-stop seemingly from pre-dawn until midnight. In the four days since, other than driving the Miller from the city and foiling his plans to take over Merrek’s criminal empire, have been a rare moment of peace and quiet for our heroes.

Part I Recap
Recap of Part I: The City of Shadows

When we last left our heroes…

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