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Enter a world in which Man and his kin are but the youngest creatures to claim mastery over their destiny. Strike out into a vast, untamed wilderness of savagery and horror, plumb the depths of vanished civilizations to discover their fatal mistakes, or rage against the tyranny of toil in the shadows of filthy, stifling cities, while hiding from the predators (human and otherwise) which stalk their midnight alleyways.


There once was a dream that was Man.

Will it vanish utterly in this terrible, new dawn?


Eldritch Dreams is a dark / low-to-medium fantasy game set in a world inspired by the classic works of Howard, Moorcock, and Tolkien. It uses the 4th edition of Steve Jackson’s GURPS, for which you can download the basic rules, free of charge, here.

Part I: The City of Shadows, was completed prior to the GM’s discovery of Obsidian Portal, and so will only be summarized here. Four Player Characters have met in the frontier city of Furstdam, forged bonds in blood and adversity, rid the City of Shadows of many terrible threats both monstrous and mundane, and have decided to now pursue their destinies together in Part II: The Road to Hell.

Eldritch Dreams

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