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Church Role & Services

Viaton is the protector of all who must go out-of-doors, and especially of those whose survival depends on travel or outdoor labor. Of course, this concentrates his worship into two very specific, but often disparate, groups of people: rogues & outcasts (who move constantly for safety), and farmers, farmhands, and herdsmen (who work outside all day, and travel good distances at least once a year to get to market, harvests, or to shear or slaughter stock, respectively).

It is no coincidence that most travel is undertaken for a profit, but Viaton’s clergy often stress to profit to one’s soul to be gained through travel and adventure, even more than the profit in one’s purse. As such, most devout innkeepers keep their prices low, for to be seen harming travellers is a good way out of Viaton’s favor.

Symbolism & Temples

To a lesser extent, Viaton is a deity of pragmatism. His only shrines are the mounted staves or shepherd’s crooks above the lintel of every roadside inn’s common room, and the sparser Wayshrines scattered throughout the land where there is no convenient inn. These are humble caves, shacks, or simply marked caches, sometimes with small shelter and sometimes not, and containing a variety of useful items and supplies. Travellers are bound by tradition to take only what they need, and leave anything that they don’t, recording it in chalk on the walls along with their names, destination, and reason for travel. These shrines, like most inns, are not decorated in any particular manner, being almost purely functional. If Viaton has a symbol, it is a walking stick, staff, cane, or shepherd’s crook. If he has a color, it is the rich brown of field-loam and road-dust.

Discipline of Faith [-10]

  • Embrace the Journey
    • Recognise that all you are is carried within you, not in your possessions or surroundings. Anything you have built can be rebuilt in another place and time, if neccessary.
    • Clerics of Viaton should never shirk from a neccessary journey, one-way or otherwise.
  • Everyone Is Equal Under the Sky
    • On the road, there are no Kings or Lords; each must look out for his own. Travellers should render aid to one another, regardless of rank or allegiance. The bandits, drogues, rain and cold don’t care whose colors you’re wearing, or how fine your boots are…
  • Always Set A Watch
    • While travellers should befriend and assist one another, never put your life or possessions in their hands until they have explicitly earned your trust with each.
  • Reciprocity Is Universal
    • This applies explicitly to Wayshrine use, as well as in terms of hospitality (i.e., work for your keep) and general philosophy (i.e., treat your land well, fertilize it, give back to it, and it will yield prosperity for you and yours in return).

Available Colleges

  • Animal
  • Enchantment
  • Food
  • Gate
  • Holy
  • Plant
  • Warning (not Protection)


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