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Alchemy, in the world of Elidh, is “magic for the common man”. Most towns have at least one alchemist serving as local pharmacist and miracle worker, while cities have whole alchemical districts and markets. Alchemists use secret recipes and techniques to unlock the inherent magic in exotic materials and ingredients.

Sorcery (Thaumaturgy)

Sorcery is the more recognizable art of manipulating the flow of magic through the world to suit one’s own ends. It is a rare gift, and even rarer to find one skilled in its application. Sorcerers are treated with a mixture of respect and fear, depending on the circumstances. Many live as semi-sanctioned outlaws in remote towers or estates, either alone or with apprentices, servants, and slaves (sometimes all three in the same person).

Eldritch Sorcery (Diabolism)

Creatures of the lower planes of existence have an enhanced understanding of how mana flows, and can provide cheap, extra power to sorcerers who are willing to sacrifice their morality to the daemon’s cause… Many fall to the temptation of easy power, and are consumed by it, as the ancient Phaetians were so long ago, making most Sorcerers of any stripe about as welcome as an invading army.

Holy Magic (Theurgy)

High-ranking clergy often undergo the Rite of Investiture, granting them a mystical link to their deity, through which magic is sometimes granted. While more limited in breadth than the spells of sorcerers, Holy Magic offers some magic totally unavailable anywhere else.


Before the Eight were in any position to grant magic to anyone, before men first stole the secrets of sorcery from the Dragons, and before the most basic alchemical formulae were written down, people drew power from a personal and mystical connection to nature itself. Shamans are much less common today, and are usually found only amongst tribal societies like the Arktos and Meerin.


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