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The Kin of Beast

Most of the creatures who walk the lands west of Twilight’s Edge are simple beasts of the field. Some can speak and trade and war, and of those the most common are the Kin of Man. Less often, one may encounter beings who are of a far older and more mysterious origin than the scattering of the slaves of the Phaetian Empire during the Year of Daemons.

Arktos share the general shape of Man (two arms, two legs, etc.), but are vaguely ursine, complete with disproportionately long arms, fur, claws, and a strange jaw structure. Stone-age savages, they live in the Boreal Highlands and Twilight’s Edge Mountains. As true savages, they view combat as the highest ideal, and thus the taking of goods and slaves by force is a noble endeavor, and have an extremely relaxed attitude toward things like nudity and the eating of the dead… Every highland village has a bell to warn of the coming of the “Ravagers”.

Drakes and Dragons are the stuff of legend, but at least the former are confirmed to exist, if quite uncommon. While Drakes are large, winged, scaly, carnivorous, generally hostile, and talented with magic, they are only two or three times the size of an adult Crodlan, and do not breathe fire. Some scholars believe that ancient Drakes are responsible for the legends of True Dragons, though other, more questionable sources claim that the Drakes themselves defer to even greater “Lords of the Sky”.

Meerin, more commonly known as “Squealers”, are a blight upon the Kin of Man. Something like a semi-upright rat the size of a child, Meerin can (and do) infest nearly every environment that Man prefers, from forests, caverns, and hills, to ruins and sewers, you can bet that there is almost no settlement of any size west of Twilight’s Edge that does not have an attendant community of Meerin living off what it can scrounge or steal. Meerin are normally content with a successful theft, but will turn violent if threatened or cornered.

Phaetians are an extinct race of warlocks who ruled over all of Elidh in ancient times. It is said they were also related to the people who gave rise to the Kin of Man, but had corrupted their forms, as well as their minds and souls, with dark Diabolism. The Year of Daemons ended their reign and destroyed their race, but many of their ruins, spells, and creations still roam the face of Elidh. They are often referred to simply as the “Ancients”.

Kin of Beast

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