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Gryphon (pl. Gryphons)

Unlike the creatures of terrestrial myth, Elidh’s gryphons are 100% avian, that is, all bird, no cat (but see the Manticore entry). They still have 4 legs, but all of them are taloned like an eagle’s, and the entire body is feathered, not furred. The creature is also somewhat smaller and lighter than is common in myth, resembling nothing so much as a quadrupedal eagle the size of a very large condor.

Gryphons share the habits of most large, terrestrial raptors, such as bald or golden eagles. They nest in high precipices, prey on relatively large animals, and are even capable of bringing down prey larger than themselves (in times of dire hunger) by lacerating it with their talons and waiting for it to bleed to death, or by cooperating to lift it off the ground and drop it to its death. An adult gryphon can easily lift a human child or lightly-built woman (whose weight will not likely exceed Light encumbrance for their ST, usually 120 – 130 lbs).

As such, it’s impossible to ride a gryphon, unless your SM is -1 or less, and your weight within the limits set above. They take to training much like terrestrial falcons (or Askrae), though you must start with a chick… and they are quite difficult to come by, as no one has ever successfully bred gryphons in captivity.

Note that, contrary to the description in the Basic Set, gryphons of Elidh are not hybrids, and respond to Animal College spells as birds.

GURPS Traits

ST 15; DX 12; IQ 4; HT 11; Will 11; Per 12; Speed 6; Dodge 10; Move 6 (Ground); SM 0

Traits: Acute Vision 3; Claws(Talons, Thrust cut or imp); Combat Reflexes, Enhanced Move 1 (Air Move 24), Flight (Winged, Air Move 12); Quadruped; Teeth(Sharp Beak, Thrust-1 pi+); Wild Animal

Skills: Aerobatics-14; Brawling-14

  • Combat:
    • Claws: 1d+1 cut or imp
    • Beak: 1d pi+


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