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Appearance & Storage

Fogsticks are dark, papyrus tubes about 10 inches long. They will not burn when damp, so keeping them dry is essential.


When flame is applied to either end, the fogstick ignites immediately. The ends do not burn with a large flame, but rather smoulder. Actually touching the ends results in 1 point of burn damage per second.

While burning, a gray, impenetrable mist issues from the fogstick. It fills its own hex in 1 second, and spreads to a 50 yard radius at a rate of 1 yard per second. It burns for 10 minutes, and mist clouds without a fogstick in their center (if it is moved, for example), maintain their size and effectiveness for 1d minutes, and then dissipate immediately.

The mist blocks all vision outside of arm’s length (inside your own hex, or close combat range). It dampens sound and overpowers the sense of smell with its own, cloying odor. Visual Perception checks at ranges beyond 3 feet fail automatically, and those based on hearing or smell incur a -6 penalty.

Night Vision (both the natural kind and the spell & alchemical effects) do not help to penetrate the mist; nor do Acute Vision or Telescopic Vision. Acute Hearing and Acute Taste & Smell apply normally. Perception checks made using Mage Sight and similar effects (Seek spells, for example), are hindered by a -4 penalty to the Perception roll, which is required even if it would not normally be in clear conditions.

The mist, while strange-smelling, is completely non-toxic and does not impair breathing in the slightest. It rises to a height of about 11 feet.


Any wind stronger than a light breeze either moves the mist in its direction of travel, or causes it to disperse from the windward edge at 1 yard per second or faster (GM’s discretion).

Exposure to water renders fogsticks unable to burn, but they dry out safely with time. External exposure to Calyx merely slows the burn, delaying the appearance of mist for 1d seconds. Deliberately mixing Calyx into the mixture while it is being made is the only real way to neutralize the fogstick.

Fogsticks are not harmed by Low- or No-Mana conditions or effects. They burn normally in Low- or No-Mana Zones. Should there be some means of using magical sight or detection within a No Mana Zone, a fogstick’s mist will not impair it, though it will interfere with mundane senses normally.


  • Time: 3 days
  • Batch: 6 fogsticks
  • Containment: Any dry storage
  • Ingredients: $200 in reagents
  • Market Price: $100 per stick
  • Roll(s): skill or Alchemy-5
  • Mishap: An enormous, foul-smelling black cloud consumes the ingredients and expands outward from the Alchemist’s laboratory for 100 yards in every direction. The neighbors will not be happy…


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