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In general, Elidh’s plant growth is more primitive, but more varied than that of Earth. Most large trees and other woody plants are made of tangled skeins of smaller, vine-like structures. The manner in which these “vineules” connect (twisted, knotted, curved, tied, braided, etc.) is how most trees are named. Reproductive strategies also vary widley, resulting in spores, flowers, fruit and seeds that have very strange properties.



Foliage of the Deepdark


Elidh both possesses some forms of animal life which our Earth lacks (large, land-dwelling Arthropods like the Shlack, for example), and lacks some which we enjoy (namely strongly differentiated families of mammals, such as rodentia, ursines, canines, & felines). As on Earth, most large reptiles and warm-blooded Saurians are extinct, although on Elidh a few remnants still thrive (namely Crodlans). Most creatures have a healthy fear of the Kin of Man and Beast, although large, so-called Apex Predators will target men as food if they learn that they can get away with it.

Wild Animals

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Animals of the Deepdark



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