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Basic Character Point Awards

Everyone is eligible for each of these awards, each session.

Showing Up: 1 Point

Take this in both the literal and figurative senses. It is possible to be physically present and not earn this award. I consider that highly unlikely given the quality of individuals I choose to game with, but you never know. You may find yourself in jeopardy of losing this award if you chronically fail to do something I ask you to do, such as provide a backstory clarification, roleplay a specific disadvantage, provide an updated character sheet, or abide by a specific rule.

Contribution: 1 Point

That is, actively participating in the pursuit of party goals (or involving the party in the pursuit of your character’s goals…). You do not have to succeed in those goals to earn this point, so long as you work at it.

Roleplaying: 1 Point

Specifically, this means demonstrating one or more of your Disadvantages or Quirks, be it by making rolls or avoiding them (voluntarily failing them…), depending on the circumstances.

Cooperation: 1 Point

This includes working with the other players as much as it includes party cooperation in-character. Basically the only way to lose this award is by trying to tackle every challenge on your own.

Plot Contribution: 1 Point

This one is harder to earn. A “plot contribution” is an example of out-of-the-box thinking that maneuvers my story into a place where I did not expect it to go. The battle outside the gates of Furstdam (AKA “Ratpocalypse II”), is a good example of this. The results need not be positive for the PCs, nor do the new story elements have to be “epic” in scope, so long as your character’s actions bring new twists to the story which I did not put there.

Bonus Character Point Awards

These awards are based on things “above and beyond” normal roleplaying. You probably won’t get a chance to earn these every session, and the entire group will almost certainly not be earning these all at the same time. You can spend the resulting Character Points normally, however.

Game Material Bonus: 1 Point per item or update

This includes the fabrication of any material that makes running the game easier or the experience richer. Maps, artwork, ready-made NPCs complete with electronic character sheets, web content, all of these count for this bonus.

Assistant GM Bonus: 1 Point per session

Any time you assist the GM in looking up or interpreting a rule, doing math, or other “work” in such a way that you prevent the game from bogging down, you may be eligible for this bonus. The more times you do so in a given session, the more likely you are to earn it.

Skill Bonus: 1 Point

This one is hard to get. If your character defeats an enemy or survives a life-threatening situation because you very carefully or skillfully applied the rules or your character’s abilities, not because of luck or fantastic rolls, you may earn 1 point per instance. What constitutes “carefully or skillfully” and “life-threatening situation” is up to the GM, of course.

Character Point Awards

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