Character Creation

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Starting Points

  • 150 Character Points
  • 75 points for Disadvantages & Quirks (no separate Quirk limit)

Taboo Traits

Other than Magery, Power Investiture, and the Shamanism Power, no “exotic” or “supernatural” traits without prior GM approval. If the GM grants approval for such a Trait, you may be required to take Unusual Background or some other Advantage or Disadvantage at the GM’s discretion.

Any race with a posted template & point cost is available as a Player Character.

Advantage & Disadvantage Guidelines

A good character should have no more than 25 points in Physical Disadvantages or Dependents & Enemies (or Patrons & Allies, for that matter).

Starting Funds & Equipment

Please buy all starting equipment with the standard Starting Funds for TL 3: $1000 GURPS.

Remember that the Signature Gear advantage exists to supplement this, and is cheap. Otherwise, buy up Wealth.

See the Money page for GURPS-to-Gold exchange rates and other information.

Character Death

In the unlikely event a character expires during the campaign, you will be entitled to create a replacement based on his or her point total at the time of death. A one-time award may be added by the GM based on the nature of the death. Most any death will result in a 5 point award. Deaths which are heroic and dramatic (or at least dramatically character-appropriate; not everyone’s a hero), will result in a substantially larger award.

Character Creation

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