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Improving Your Character

You should report increases to the GM when you submit your updated PDF character sheet.

You should be prepared to defend Skill or Attribute increases with one of the following, if challenged:

  1. “My character used that a lot recently, like when [insert example]”
  2. “I told you that my character was practicing that in his spare time, remember?”
  3. “My character has been training with [insert teacher’s name], remember?”

Basic Attributes

You may improve any basic attribute (ST, DX, IQ, or HT) by 1 level (10 becomes 11) per in-game month of elapsed time. The only time the GM will question this is if you choose to improve your character’s ST after a month of recuperative bed-rest, and other unusual situations. Generally, everyone in the life-threatening situations I’m going to put your characters into uses all their faculties significantly in a given month.

Assuming that you have the 60 points required, you may improve all 4 Attributes in the same game month.

Secondary Characteristics

You may improve any secondary characteristic (HP, Speed, Move, Will, Per, or FP) by 1 level (10 becomes 11, or Speed improves by +0.25) per in-game month of elapsed time. You may not do so if the governing Attribute attached to it has already been improved with Character Points in that game-month.

Move is an exception: if you have improved Speed, DX, or HT in a given game-month, you may only improve Move if none of those improvements have caused Move to change automatically (whether you bought it down at the time or not—see below).

When improving Secondary Characteristics, you must still abide by the normal maximums (i.e., no more than 30% more HP than ST) given in Chapter 1 of the Basic Set.

Assuming that you have the points, you can improve all Secondary Characteristics in the same month, though only by 1 level apiece (and not Speed and Move at the same time, as described above).

You may, if you choose, buy down a Secondary Characteristic by 1 level only, if and when you improve the Basic Attribute on which it depends. For example, if you improve ST by 1 level, you also gain 1 HP, unless you elect to receive the -2 point rebate to leave your HP at the original level. Except in this limited way, you cannot buy down any characteristics or skills after character creation.

Trained Skills

Trained skills are those in which you have invested at least 1 point. You may improve any number of such skills by no more than 1 point apiece per in-game month of elapsed time. Note that your skills also improve automatically as the appropriate Basic Attribute or Secondary Characteristic improves, and this has no effect on whether or not you are allowed to improve a skill with Character Points.

Default Skills

Default skills are those in which you have invested 0 points. You may spend only 1 Character Point improving a single skill above default level per in-game month of elapsed time. Yes, this also means that once a skill is Trained, you may improve it again, once, that same game-month. Be prepared to defend this rapid improvement in skill (see above).

Advantages, Disadvantages, Perks, & Quirks

These traits are generally not modifiably with Character Points (or in exchange for them) after Character Creation. In some limited circumstances, new Advantages or Perks may be available with permission of the GM, whom you should consult when considering this.

character advancement

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