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Church Role & Services

Atra’s temples are universally places of healing, aid, and protection. They concentrate on the weak, oppressed, and suffering, but will never turn away anyone in need of aid. The church is more often than not organized with a practical eye, and so many temples resemble what we might recognize as missions, soup kitchens, asylums, sanitariums, hospitals and orphanages. That said, some do find certain Atran-run orphanages and halfway-houses a bit too moralistic for their tastes. One of the very few things that can get you thrown out of a temple of Atra, it’s bringing violence or “iniquity” (gambling, sex, alcohol, or drugs) within.

The leader of the Church of Atra carries the title, “High Maestress”.

Symbolism & Temples

Atra’s clergy wear and decorate their temples in soothing sky blue. In general, such decoration is kept to a minimum, though it is used judiciously to perk up sickrooms and playrooms alike. Brighter colors may be used where very young children are cared for. What little iconography is employed usually lends itself to demonstrations of appropriate behavior (people praying, helping each other, saying “thank you”, eating their vegetables, etc.). In rare instances of animal iconography, Atra is most commonly associated with young Wallu (the equivalent of a terrestrial lamb). Atra herself is depicted very similarly to how Christian iconography depicts Mary, though generally as an older woman (mid-forties). When a simple symbol is needed, Atra’s clergy use a simple, abstract, round drawing of a matronly woman’s face.

Discipline of Faith [-15]

  1. Protect the Vulnerable and the Weak
    • Either defend those under attack, or find help: no bystanding!
  2. Always Render Aid, Never Harm
    • Treat this as equivalent to the Hippocratic Oath, including:
      • Pacifism (Self Defense Only; Limitation: Defense of Innocents or Defenders is allowed)
      • Code of Honor (Professional), as in the actual Hippocratic Oath
      • Sense of Duty (to the Injured), with an obligation to help anyone who is hurt… no matter who or what they are.
  3. Embrace Purity & Reject Vice
    • No drugs, alcohol, sex, or aggressive (i.e., offensive) violence. Many self-described “orthodox” followers of Atra expand this to include revelry, dancing, and music-making of almost any sort (other than the singing of hymns, of course).

Available Colleges

  • Animal (though forcing animals to attack one’s enemies is strictly forbidden)
  • Communication & Empathy
  • Enchantment
  • Holy
  • Food
  • Healing
  • Protection & Warning


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