Minor NPCs

A Listing of Minor Characters in Eldritch Dreams


Baroness Anna Edmund

Auschrecklich victim, Deceased

Wife of Baron Lern Edmund, and the reason for his vendetta against Content Not Found: daggard.

Denzle Bain

Alchemist; Deceased

Bain was once the resident Alchemist of the city of [[Furstdam]], whose ruler, Lord Cavatt, bullied and corrupted him into creating a horrific still for the refinement of [[Elixir of Mindfire]]. This drove Bain mad, leading Cavatt to dispose of him once he had outlived his usefulness.

Duar Welks

Mysterious Alchemist; Whereabouts & Condition Unknown

Welks was mentor to Bain, and resident alchemist in [[Furstdam]] in the time of Cavatt’s father. His recovered notes indicate that he was the one to first discover Cavatt’s latent, sorcerous power. He recognized the signs of madness and murder in the young lordling, and fled Furstdam for parts unknown. He is sought by the party for having supposedly tended to an Auschrecklich case that was, at least temporarily, put into remission, prior to leaving the city.

Ebbar Vilhon

Chief Architect, Council Member, & Master of the Mason’s Guild, [[Furstdam]]

Lord Vilhon was one of the very few of Furstdam’s nobility to befriend any of the PCs during their time in the City of Shadows… and he paid for it as their enemies tried to use him as leverage over and over again. Still, the placid architect has shown himself to be a steadfast friend and relatively cool under pressure. He remains a staunch supporter of the PCs on the [:furstdam-city-council | Furstdam City Council].

Fiona Silkheart

Lay Priestess of Atra, Healer

Fiona runs a hostel out of her own home, an abandoned inn that she and some grateful former patients fixed up at their own expense. She is the only healer in Furstdam that does not charge a fee up front. Her patients always speak well of her steady hand and calming manner, although she possesses no holy or arcane power. Llyreilen naturally gravitated to Fiona’s hostel during her time in Furstdam, and the two have become good friends.

Henrik & Isolde

_Content Not Found: daggard parents, farmers, missing_

Henrik was last seen in the frontier outpost of [[Benfirth]], acting strangely, and without his wife, but investigating Henrik’s disappearance has had to take a backseat to Daggard’s obsession with Auschrecklich, and staying one step ahead of Baron Edmund’s bounty hunters.

Ilse Henriksen

Wife of _Content Not Found: daggard, Auschrecklich victim, Deceased_

His beloved Ilse’s tragic death sparked Daggard’s present obsession with finding a cure for her horrific affliction.

Mortimer Selstone

Surly Inkeeper; Missing, Presumed Deceased

Mortimer used to run the Fat [[Ryph]], the only decent inn in Furstdam. His manners left quite a bit to be desired, but he was honest (if greedy), and generally kept his nose out of his guest’s affairs. Unfortunately, the party’s enemies sought to use him to gain access to something they wanted, causing him to flee into the forest for his life. As he remains missing, his young cousin Feld will operate the Ryph in his absence.

Revok Arnswyld

Lord Protector of Furstdam

Formerly captain of the City Guard under Lord Cavatt, Revok has been chosen by the City Council to assume control of the city and maintain order. Many of the nobility are, of course, unhappy with this, as Revok is a commoner and thus, mostly beyond their monetary and social influence. He is, however, very firmly in the PC’s camp, as he is very appreciative of the number of lives they’ve saved in their brief time in the city.

Chief Skeetchar

Chieftan of the Wend River [[Meerin]]

This venerable, silver-furred chieftan has helped his tribe become numerous even for a race known for fecundity. He does this by taking the long-term view, something that most of his species is not good at. In doing so, he has forged a very fragile alliance with the new “Taker” (human) government of Furstdam, and pledged to restrict raiding and theivery in and around the city.

Minor NPCs

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