Lord Jainan Cavatt (Deceased)

Lord of the City of Furstdam & the surrounding Wend River Valley


Attributes: ST 10, DX 10, IQ 13, HT 14, Will 13, Per 13, Speed/Move 6/6, HP 10, FP/Mana 14/27

Advantages: Ally Group (Furstdam Guardsmen, 50+, almost all the time), Appearance (Attractive, +4), Eldritch Energy Pool 13, Legal Enforcement Powers (Local, Absolute), Legal Immunity (Diplomatic Immunity), Magery 1, Status 6 (Viscount), Very Wealthy

Disadvantages: Addiction (Elixir of Mindfire), Bully, Greed, Intolerance (Commoners, the Poor), Megalomania, Mysophobia (Dirt), Obsession (Exterminate Squealers), Overconfidence (Fairly Often), Reputation (-3, Almost Everyone, Recognized Sometimes, as a Greedy, Exploitative Lord), Sadism, Secret (Diabolist, Possible Death)

Perks: Pact with a Daemon

Quirks: Fanatically Clean & Well-Dressed at All Times, Says "In the Name of the People" a Lot; Never Means It

Languages: High Oran, Low Oran, Ancient Phaetian

Skills: Administration (12), Bow (12), Broadsword (12), Crossbow (12), Leadership (12), Occultism (15), Public Speaking (14), Savoir-Faire (High Society) (14), Shield (14), Thaumatology (15)

Spells: Animal Control (Mammal), Armor, Beast Summoning, Block, Create Animal, Create Fire, Create Mount, Create Servant, Create Warrior, Deflect Missile, Enchant, Flaming Weapon, Foul Water, Ignite Fire, Levitation, Locksmith, Magelock, Master, Missile Shield, Planar Summons, Powerstone, Protect Animal, Sense Danger

Important Possessions:  Talisman vs. Disease +2 (destroyed), Flaming Broadsword (Thrusting, +2 Burn damage, in Party Possession), Belt Buckle (Armor, DR 5, 1 minute, destroyed), Bloodstones (5, 10, & 15 points, destroyed), Mindfire Elixir (2, in Party Possession)



The present Lord Cavatt ascended to the throne of the frontier city-state of Furstdam upon the death of his father several years prior to Part I: The City of Shadows. He is innately charismatic to an extend that overcomes both his innate arrogance (though this is more subdued than in most other local nobility) and the steadily worsening conditions of the city under his rule.

Jainan never appears in public or even in a private audience without every hair firmly in place, powdered, coiffed, and dressed to perfection.

Cavatt controls the entire Wend River Valley by means of the centuries-old dam that gives his city its name. Farmers downriver have no actual fealty to Cavatt (how would he enforce it with no vassals?), but must pay a collective “water tax” in order to irrigate their crops… whose only convenient market is Furstdam itself. This policy has caused much of the valley to lie fallow, causing the predator- and Squealer-filled forest to encroach to the very edges of fields and hamlets, but it has also made Cavatt and his fellow aristocrats and merchants in Furstdam very, very wealthy.


After (violently) confronting a number of Squealers outside the city walls at night, Lord Cavatt proposed to pay the PCs to track the meer-folk to their lairs, even going so far as to loan them a magical translating amulet in order to interrogate any prisoners they might take.

Unbenknownst to the PCs, however, the rash of human disappearances in Furstdam was not the work of Squealers, but of the hungry, daemonic, draun-like creatures Cavatt had bred to hunt them. He set the largest and most intelligent of these monsters to track the PCs, and it attacked as soon as they discovered their first Squealer camp.

After speaking to the survivors of the meer-hound attack using the translating amulet, the PCs discovered that the younger Cavatt was, in fact, a warlock bent on enslaving the entire region to his infernal will, and the complete extermination of the not-quite-wholesome-but-certainly-not-evil Meerin (“Squealers”).

Of course, knowing the PCs weren’t supposed to survive the encounter with the Hound, their confrontation with Cavatt in his laboratory turned (extremely) violent, and Urial was forced to relieve him of his head. Fortunately, the remains of Furstdam’s Old Keep contained enough incriminating evidence, including some pointing to Cavatt’s father’s death as patricide by poisoning, to spare the PCs the experience of being tried and executed for regicide.

Lord Jainan Cavatt (Deceased)

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