Furstdam City Council

Political Luminaries of the City of Shadows


The late Lord Cavatt does did not think much of advisors and courtiers. Nonetheless, for appearances’ sake if nothing else, Furstdam has something of a court in the form of the City Council. Cavatt’s authoritarian rule has had put a damper on much of the potential for political infighting, as there is was little influence to be had from the man over which to fight. Most of its members fight amongst themselves for territory in the form of local businesses or City Guilds.

In the wake of Lord Cavatt’s death, the Council serves at the pleasure of the new office of the Protector, currently held by the former Captain of the Guard, Revok.

Position Name Presumed Allegiance Description
Captain of the Guard Protector of Furstdam <Revok Arnswyld Gerrex (Order) Mature, muscular Agorian w/ close-trimmed beard & hair. Severe manner, but dedicated to his people
Guildmaster, Fireman’s Guild Yarin Lamplighter Gerrex (Order) Large Agorian/Borean man, heavily bearded, quiet but well-respected
Guildmaster, Mason’s Guild Ebbar Vilhon Gerrex (Order) Wiry, bookish-but-healthy-looking Agorian man w/ spectacles. A pleasant, honest fellow
Chairman, Merchant’s Consortium Giljan Bembru Merchants Chubby, scrupulously clean Agorian man, dresses expensively, devious and sneaky
Guildmaster, Miller’s Guild Lindan Swylte Erex Jindaw Merchants Muscular Borean man, balding, often soiled. Practical and forthright, but greedy
Guildmaster, Sweeper’s guild Sitchar Ilhan Grange (Anarchy) Skinny, tired-looking Farrian/Borean man, often soiled, regarded as weak and spineless
High Priestess, Temple of Atra the Mother Content Not Found: fiona-silkheart Gerrex (Order) Short, attractive Borean/Farrian woman, compassionate and understated in all things
High Priest, Temple of Gerrex Berevar Monsandus Gerrex (Order) Loud, self-important, overdressed, boisterous, mature Agorian man w/ white hair and neatly trimmed beard
High Priestess, Temple of Obiton Felenis Sevnon Varies Pale Agorian woman, often hooded, morbid and severe
High Priest, Temple of Ustian Drenan Tilmont Gerrex (Order) Bespectacled, bookish, and verbose Agorian man, absent-minded
Granger, Workman’s Grange Ithran Stonesetter Unfilled Position Grange (Anarchy) Gerrex (Order) Muscular Lethian man, revolutionary agitator Ithran was killed in the fighting at Furstdam’s quarry in Part I, and the Workman’s Grange was subsumed into the Mason’s and Miller’s Guilds, since most of the workers thus represented worked in the quarry or transporting grain.

Furstdam City Council

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