Baron Lern Edmund

Baron of Edgewood


Baron Lern Edmund wants the head of alchemist Daggard Henrikson on a pike.

His wife, the Baroness Anna Edmund, had contracted the horrible wasting disease, Auschrecklich, and lay dying. Having dedicated his life to curing the disease that took his own wife, Ilse, Daggard threw himself into the treatment of the ailing noblewoman with all his might. Only when all seemed hopeless, the mysterious stranger, Malthus arrived, promising swift, miraculous healing.

While Daggard himself does not (consciously) remember the events of that night, the Baron apparently knows, or at least believes the alchemist responsible for her death. He has the resources of the minor city of Evergreen at his disposal, and occasionally, bounty hunters in his employ arrive to attempt to apprehend Daggard. Each in the series has been more… unsavory than the last, the most recent being the scarred and grizzled veteran, Khonis

Baron Lern Edmund

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