Eldritch Dreams

Part II Introduction

Preparing for the Road

Last Sagesday was a very long day indeed. The party battled non-stop seemingly from pre-dawn until midnight. In the four days since, other than driving the Miller from the city and foiling his plans to take over Merrek’s criminal empire, have been a rare moment of peace and quiet for our heroes.

Llyreilen has a few pages of spells from the late-but-very-much-unlamented Lord Cavatt’s notes, which have kept her occupied.

The rest of the party has been doing the neccessary shopping for the road, and mostly finding the prices significantly discounted in recognition of their service to the city.

When not in the marketplace, Urial has been conferring with Content Not Found: revok-arnswyld and training with the party’s Meerin guide, Heetch, Daggard has been hard at work in his laboratory, and Gerk has been working with Content Not Found: Gnackit and his newly-arrived contingent of Foss and strange, ape-like Lhorg workers. In only four days they have made noticeable, if minor progress in building a coffer dam and fortifying the face of the Old Keep.

Urial and Daggard have conferred, deciding that Tasha’s medical condition takes precedence, and that The Verdance will be inaccessible throughout the coming winter if the party doesn’t move quickly. Ekhara, City of Alchemists, being much further south, will be easier to get to in the winter months, at any rate.

Everyone: The story award for the previous arc was 7 Character Points. I will remind you of your original awards via email.

Gerk: you have 4 whole days to accomplish whatever feats of engineering or shopping you wish.

Urial: you may invest any forthcoming points (according to the normal rules in any skills Heetch has which you do not, up to and including Murm, the Meerin language, if desired. Heetch is definitely going to do likewise with Low Oran.

Daggard: you have 4 whole days to accomplish any shopping (unless you trust a friend with your list, though they will be unable to obtain sophisticated reagents for your stock), and to work on any alchemy you choose. You will, of course, not have time to finish much, unless you use some of Fexissa’s pixie dust.

Llyreilen: You may invest any forthcoming points in any no-prerequisite spells from non-Eldritch colleges (see the Magic rules), on Cavatt’s list.



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